Anime Model Gaogao Gundam "F-yeah!" Action Figure

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Look guys, the manufacturer wanted me to be clear to stress a few things, and I cannot stress this enough, that this is wink-wink "easy to assemble"...this Gundam action figure will be ready for combat in seconds upon command.  Just make sure you are in a well ventilated room with adequate radiation shielding and at least 20 feet of head space.  

Also, be chill with the weapons. Don't narc on us, the beam sabers should not be used in earth's atmosphere. I know the fake news would have you believe otherwise but it's just not safe. 

Amuro Ray may have used the upgraded shield on hyper hammer model as a decoy in combat but this is not that version. You, sire, are not Amuro and the titanium armor will be enough for your needs. 

  Attribute: Assembly required

EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE "MAN" "snap on" model kits that requires no glue. The model kits are design for both the novice and experience modelers to enjoy. They are highly detail and can be pose. They are scale to size so that you can create a true 3-D art environment. Each model vary in size, the average 1/100 scale kits are 5"-7" tall. Bandai uses color injected kit molds, thereby eliminating the need to mask and paint. There are several grades in Bandai's Gundam Model Line and they are the following: High Grade, Master Grade, and Perfect Grade. Each Grade represents a level of detail and complexity. Perfect Grade being the best.