Artistic Poster of Car, Time Travelling Car

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"gonna go back in time" "Is this the future, or is it 1955?""

Well, no.  Nerd. It's 2020. You're stuck at home and there is no time travel.  But there are posters of time travel cars that you can put on your walls while your stuck at home. 

Show the refinement that comes with having grown up spanning three generations, from the late 70's, the 80's and those 90s, with this powerful expression of artistic taste. You think the Louvre is going to lend you their original edition of "Time Travelling Car" by John DeLorean and Robert Zemeckis?  Look, they asked me to talk to you and no, they aren't.  They were just being nice and barely remember you, if we're being honest. So I talked to a guy I know, and he'll get you one...Louvre quality or even better, he says. 

Alright, I got to run...we'll catch up soon. In the future!



Medium: Waterproof Ink



Model Number:J10283


color:Silk Poster