Floating Cloud Pendant Lamp Bedroom

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Are these things cool or what? They come in all shapes and sizes but clouds, man, how do they work? I wouldn't worry about it, they run on electricity and they'll make your room look pretty fly.

Now check it out, there's a couple types of clouds. You got your fluffy clouds, run of the either fluffy cotton or silk.

But clouds come in many shapes and sizes and we got that thing where you look at a cloud and you're like..."is that a tadpole?"
"Well, yes, there is a tadpole shaped cloud."

But then you're like "uh, that cloud is kinda rainbowy?" And I'm all like, "yeah, that cloud is multihued, like a rainbow."

"You ok, bro? I see that one there, I think it's a hippo. No big deal, if you ask me."
"That one looks like a somersault"
"What do you mean like that?"
"You's upside down?"
"Sure, if you say so."
"That one looks like a gold ingot"
"Which one?"
"There, that gold nugget shaped thing"
"oh right...the gold nugget is shaped like a gold ingot, what a strange thing to say"
"Hey look, there's a shark"
"Ha ha, stupid fish. nun uhn nuh uhn..."
"I know, right...why be a dumb fish when you can be a submarine?"

Installation Type :Cord Pendant
Item Type: Pendant Lights
Warranty: 3 YEARS
Material: Silk
Model Number:AT-CL164
Lampshade Color: White
Lampshade Color: Gold
Base Type:E27
Is Dimmable: No
Switch Type:without
Light Source:LED Bulbs