Non Toxic ASMR super feel slime gel cleaner

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The ladies love a man with a nice car, some grey in the beard, and some cash in the bank.  Most of us want to be cool like Jeff Winger. Well, let me tell you what, after studying the historical archives, we know Jeff Winger saw Ghostbuster in the theaters and we know that back then you got slimed for free. Now it's a new century and your fly Lexus needs to be cleaned, who you gonna call?  Slimer of course. 

I don't know how it works, I don't know where they got this stuff, but it will clean your car. It will clean your nooks. It will clean your crannies. It may even clean your granny. 

100% Non-Ghost Sourced. 

Type::Car cleaning glue
Material::Disinfectants, preservatives